Daniel Corbett

Meteorologist Daniel Corbett is set to join the ONE News Weather team.

TVNZ’s Head of News and Current Affairs, John Gillespie, is pleased to be welcoming Corbett to the team, where he will present the weather across ONE News platforms.

Gillespie says; “Dan is going to be a huge asset to our Weather team. He has worked all round the world and has a genuine passion for weather, and an enthusiasm that translates through the screen.” Continue reading »

Hopefully this is a sign of new weather graphics to come on ONE News:

Seriously, all they fracking need is the name of the city and what the morning, afternoon and evening weather will be.

Why the hell does anyone even need a weatherman or woman? no one gives a crap what an isobar is or highs or lows ore pressure, they just want to know how hot it will be and if it will rain.

Seriously, that is it. Maybe they should spend an extra 5 minutes on an actual report about what is happening in the world, that doesn’t involve sport (i.e. HALF the news).

And if you people don’t like whoever is explaining what the picture of the sun and the number next to means that day, change the damn channel and just look it up online.