Wedding House

8:30pm Friday, August 5 on TV One

Welcome to the Wedding House, a one stop nuptials shop where couples from all walks of life can do away with the trappings of organising a wedding and indulge themselves in a tailor made marriage ceremony.

In tonight’s programme, Essex lovebirds Jay and Lauren go glam rock for a Lady Gaga-inspired wedding ceremony; it’s third time lucky for Paul and Lindsay as they indulge in their Western fantasies for their theme. Ian and Sebastian head to a masquerade ball for their civil partnership, and Laura and Matt opt for a romantic white wedding.

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8:35pm Friday, July 29 on TV One

Wedding House is the reality series which sees five wedding planners take over a country manor, where they provide stressed couples with a one-stop shop for arranging their fantasy nuptials. However, there is one compromise – the bride and groom must forfeit all control over the plans until the big day.

In tonight’s programme, the circus comes to town as Mihaela and Csaba of the Moscow State Circus marry in merriment.

Wedding House goes festive for Christmas-themed nuptials for Mark and Stephanie.

Young lovers Ben and Kylie head down the aisle for a traditional ceremony.

And it’s time to don the togas as the ceremony rooms are transported back to ancient Rome for Scott and Kate.

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8:30pm Friday, July 15 on TV One

This week on Wedding House, the weddings include a gothic Victorian-themed service, an exotic ceremony with birds-of-paradise flowers, and a Dirty Dancing wedding featuring former boyband member, Justin.

First down the aisle are Harriet and Scott, who have decided on a gothic Victorian theme for their wedding, in a Tim Burton-style.

Next up are Dan and Dave, who arrive for their civil partnership ceremony having only been together for three months.

Chris prepares an exotic ceremony for Angela and Luke, featuring birds-of-paradise flowers.

And former boyband member Justin and his bride-to-be Lauren prepare for a Dirty Dancing wedding. Can husband and wife pull off the show-stopping dance routine?

Missed an episode of Wedding House ? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click the ‘Ondemand’ button