Reef Ireland 1Reef Ireland has joined the cast of Westside, TV3’s hit prequel to Outrageous Fortune, as the latest incarnation of the notorious Wolfgang West.

The New Zealand born/Australian-raised actor will be familiar to New Zealand television audiences from his recent television roles in hit shows such as Wentworth and Puberty Blues.

As a long-time fan of Outrageous Fortune, Reef says this is a dream role: “I was really, really keen on this part because I was a huge fan of the original series. I wouldn’t have ever thought that one day I’d be doing the prequel to Outrageous Fortune – especially playing a great part like Wolf.”

Reef credits his family (both his parents and his siblings were born in New Zealand) with influencing his love of the original Outrageous Fortune series. “My family were massive fans of Outrageous Fortune when it aired in Australia. They loved all the New Zealand references and they thought the show was hilarious.” Continue reading »

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1. The new TV show I can’t wait to see is….
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Here is the latest episode of our Westside companion series

Check out our companion series Inside Westside for all the links between Outrageous Fortune and Westside.

Westside, TV3’s much anticipated prequel to Outrageous Fortune, debuted on Sunday night to 294,920 viewers.

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Here is episode one of our companion series for the Outrageous Fortune prequel Westside.

The Outrageous Fortune prequel Westside begins Sunday at 8:30pm on TV3. This is the first episode of our companion series that will uncover the links between what we know of the world of the Wests in Outrageous and what we learn about what happened with Ted back in the 70’s.

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of-popIf there’s one thing that’s great clickbait at The New Zealand Herald, it’s anti-Mediaworks stories. Yesterday, Court Reporter Rob Kidd decided to have a crack at Outrageous Fortune actor Kirk Torrance in an appalling case of journalism.

The headline of the article is Outrageous bail-out for TV star Kirk Torrance daughter and begins like this:

The daughter of an Outrageous Fortune star has been bailed out by her family after she ripped off a marketing company for nearly $25,000.

Alix Ashby, 28, whose father is Kirk Torrance, who played Detective Sergeant Wayne Judd in the hit West Auckland drama, turned up to Auckland District Court with a cheque for $10,000, which was presented to the bosses of her former employer Brand Spanking this morning.

If this was all you’d read, you’d assume that Kirk Torrance’s daughter had ripped off a marketing company and he’d come to the rescue to bail her out. But then we go on to read: Continue reading »