Whare Taonga

Monday 09 July 2012, 8.00 pm on Maori Television

There is little that remains of the great village of Parihaka. But the buildings that stand house the stories of a great pacifist revolution led by prophets whose teachings continue to resonate to this day.

Monday 02 July 2012, 8.00 pm on Maori Television

For Ngati Awa the return and restoration of their grand wharenui Mataatua, after more than 100 years, is an event of enormous emotional and historical significance.

Every building has a story, especially when that building is a whare nui. The new Maori-language series WHARE TAONGA takes us on a special journey to some of New Zealand’s best-known whare nui, or meeting houses, to uncover their stories.

The Treaty House at Waitangi and whare at Parihaka Pa are among the buildings celebrated in WHARE TAONGA, a beautifully-crafted 13-part series that starts on the Te Reo channel on May 20 at 8.00pm. The series premieres on Maori Television on July 2 at 8.00pm.

WHARE TAONGA explores each whare’s design and construction, but also delves into the mauri and wairua of each building to explore their cultural and historical significance, such as the ancestors they embody and their roles in our social and political history. Continue reading »