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BiancaSeinafoBianca Seinafo is What Now‘s newest presenter.

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WhatNowLogo2015The contenders for What Now‘s newest presenter has been narrowed down to ten, as the search enters the public vote round.

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WhatNowLogo2015Childrens programme What Now is to start late this morning, due to a technical error.

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AdamPercivalWhat Now presenter Adam Percival has announced his departure from the long-running children’s television programme this morning.

Percival, who has been on the programme for three and a half years, will be moving to co-present What Now’s sister production The 4.30 Show, alongside Eve Palmer and Michael Lee.

He joined the show in August 2011, as one of two replacements for presenter Charlie Panapa.

Percival’s replacement will join presenters Gem Knight and Ronnie Taulafo on next Sunday’s show.


The range of local content on offer for children and young people is expanding, with new projects funded by NZ On Air for both television and digital platforms.

$13 million has been invested in 13 projects for children in the latest decisions from NZ On Air, including six digital or online projects.

“Content for children is integral to the principles of public broadcasting. Increasingly we are looking at ways to engage children across a range of platforms, recognising that they have access to a range of media devices,” says NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson. Continue reading »

terry-teoThe popular 80’s comic book character Terry Teo is set to return to the small screen in 2014 as part of NZ on Air’s latest funding announcement.

Young people are the big winners from the latest NZ On Air television funding decisions. They’ll be treated to two local drama series in 2014 including the return of popular character, Terry Teo .

Terry Teo, a six-part drama for TV2, reprises the tale of a savvy teenager surviving the mean streets of Auckland which first emerged as a comic in 1982, then a much-loved live-action series in 1985. Continue reading »


What Now presenter Adam Percival is allergic to cats.  On yesterday’s show, following their normal antics, co-host Ronnie Taulafo played a prank on him which he called an old Samoan Remedy which his grandmother had shown him to relieve cat allergies.  Adam’s forehead got smeared with peanut butter before Ronnie tried to get their black labrador puppy to lick it off.  In an attempt to find a solution to his problem, Adam decided that a bubble would keep him safe.

A number of parents jumped onto the What Now facebook page to protest that they had been very irresponsible.

I am at a loss as to why some parents get so upset by this sort of thing.  It was an innocent joke and if parents are concerned that their children, who might be one of the 1 in 50 kids who have a peanut allergy, are stupid enough to imitate it then is that the fault of the TV show or the level education done by the parents? Continue reading »


What Now

8:00am Sunday, April 15 on TV2

The announcement you have been waiting for is here! If you are a One Direction fan then you better be tuned into find out who won the golden ticket on What Now? this Sunday.

Johnson is camping up in the Bay of Islands this morning and Gem, Adam and Ronnie are keeping tabs of all the school holiday action you have been up to – plus all the games, competitions and guests to make your couch the place to be.

What Now?, New Zealand’s favourite children’s show, and Westpac, leading New Zealand bank, are joining forces with a range of celebrities and their families with the infamous SLAM series and it’s all for charity.

With the support of Westpac, What Now? has enlisted nine celebrity families, to battle through and overcome the hugely popular, but daringly difficult obstacle course of SLAM!(and dodge gunge of course), fiercely competing to become the reigning SLAM family champions… and to be named the winners of $10,000 for their chosen charity.

From the dynamic duo of Dallas and Julie Seymour, sporting legend Barbara Kendall to Masterchef Brett McGregor, entertainer Jason Gunn and presenter Scotty Morrison, the heat is truly on, with slips and slides and competitive banter guaranteed. When the nine families go head to head, not only will the winner’s instincts kick in, but so do the family genes, where the kids are just as fierce as adults.

Jason Gunn can hardly restrain his excitement. “I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Gunn’s handle the slippery SLAM course! We’re a competitive family but we don’t go anywhere without our sense of humour and the chance to support some wonderful charities along the way makes us even more determined to do well”.

What Now? launches with all the action of the 2012 Celebrity SLAM series on Sunday 9th September at 8am on TV2.


What Now?

8:00am Sunday, April 1 on TV2

Who’s fooling who on What Now? this morning?

There are pranks a plenty today with Gem, Adam, Ronnie and Johnson all in studio and joking around to find out who’s the April Fool!

What Now? is also turning on the talent in the studio with performances, and if you are dragon mad then make sure you are tuned in to find out if it is you going to the How To Train Your Dragon premiere!

It’s all happening this Sunday, April 1st at 8am on TV2, so enjoy the end of Daylight Savings (and the extra hour of sleep!) with your favourite What Now? team!

8:00am Sunday, March 4 on TV2

What Now is back with a bang and ready to knock your socks off in 2012 every Sunday at 8am on TV2.

Gem, Adam, Ronnie and Camilla have the studio fired up and bursting at the seams with all the laughs, fun, games and competitions to kick start a great year!

Johnson is back on the road with the Live In Your Living Room team – will he knock on your door? And tune in to see if it is you who will be meeting Taylor Swift this March! It’s all go, so don’t be slow.