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It’s live children’s television with a twist this week when two of TV2’s favourite kids programs join forces for the first time to raise the stakes for the 40 Hour Famine. Studio 2’s Vicki, Dayna, Matt and Jordan are traveling south to have a studio sleepover with What Now’s Charlie, Serena and Tu, and partake in a girls versus boys famine challenge!

What Now are really looking forward to hosting their first ever Studio Sleepover, as well as raising funds and awareness for those in need. Viewers are able to join the teams as they pick up the ante and funds by giving something up for 40 hours. Ten lucky kids will also get to join the presenters as they bunk down in the studio, and go without so others don’t have to.

Charlie, Serena and Tu say they are incredibly excited to be joined by the Studio 2 team.

“I’m so excited to help make a change! Bring on the famine!” says Charlie. “I can’t wait to have the Studio 2 crew join us for an awesome night and a great show on Sunday morning!”

Serena is a bit nervous at the idea of spending the night sleeping in the studio saying, “I really need my sleep, so if anyone snores it will be straight into the Gunge for them!”

The 40 Hour Famine is close to Dayna’s heart having visited Tanzania earlier in the year.

“This year I had the privilege of visiting some of World Visions projects in Africa and have walked away knowing that every dollar helps so much. Part of Kiwi culture is taking part in the 40 Hour Famine and that’s what I’ve done for the last 20 years!”

Tu is taking a break from SLAM for the week to be in studio for the sleepover.

“I am sure going to get hungry but it’s worth it because it’s such a good cause, and plus I’ll be bringing my guitar to rock out with Nathan King and Dave Gibson…we are going to form a band and rock out all night.”

What Now producer Reuben Davidson is excited at the prospect of the production challenge.

“It will be great to have all that talent in one place overnight – a bit like a sleepover version of Telethon. Hopefully the energy levels will be kept up with Just Juice and barley sugars!”

Photo: Tumehe Rongonui, Serena Cooper and Charlie Panapa.

On Sunday the Studio 2 crew joined the What Now crew in the What Now studio for a 40 Hour Famine Sleepover. Studio 2 and What Now also teamed up for a Boys vs. Girls challenge. Congratulations to the GIRLS team who took it out. The boys had to be punished somehow.

Matthew Gibb had to get his legs waxed

Tuhmehe Rongunui had to do press-ups

Jordan Vandermade got his cellphone smashed

Charlie Panapa got his hair shaved off

Here is What Now’s Slice of Heaven Song

preformed at the end of the 40 Hour Famine Show

Sunday 22 February, 8am

What has two flying foxes, a gorilla, a robot and a place in every Kiwi family’s heart? What Now of course, and it’s back with more mess, madness and early morning fun than ever before.

Join Charlie, Serena and Camilla as they beam live into your living room from their brand new home, and Tu hits the small towns of New Zealand with Slam!, an all action, high adrenaline search for Kiwi kids who can beat the odds to represent their region. Tu is very excited to get back out on the road loaded up with the most awesome games ever, a 45 metre slippery slide and gunge, lots of gunge!

Game Zone is back with Foam A Friend, Shift n Shape and an all new Super Circuit with double the danger and four times the fun! What Now are also launching ‘Fouls Kitchen’ which see’s Gordon Ratsy (Charlie Panapa) put a bunch of celebrity chefs through their paces – starring Levi Vaoga, The Mad Butcher, Olympian Sarah Walker, Shortland Street’s Tane Samuels, Nandor Tanczos, Wendy Meyer and Hannah Montana (…or is it).

Tune in this Sunday at 8am to join the What Now crew and check out all the new things they’ve got, and the great prizes you can win!


15 June

Sunday 15 June, 8am

Watching proud kids finish the What Now’s Go Xtreme challenge made the early mornings worth the effort for the team at What Now says producer Emma Gribble. The Go Xtreme challenge sees teams of children compete in three fast-paced outdoor challenges. The action takes place against a backdrop of stunning New Zealand scenery and incorporates state of the art technology. Each team spent two days in the outdoors, with days starting as early as 3am.

“When the kids finished each challenge they were so proud of themselves,” explains Gribble. “They did things out of their comfort zone, like abseiling through a hole 20 meters from the ground; rafting down river rapids on tyres; navigating in the bush on nightfall with a GPS; and scrambling up scree to find avalanche receivers.”
Ironman and Coast-To-Coast legend Steve Gurney hosts Go Xtreme. Each challenge is an adventure-packed mix of speed, dexterity and rapid-thinking problem-solving ability. Teams, made up of 12 to 14 year-olds from the same family, are given tasks, such as having to find a certain spider, flower, or record the sound of a Kiwi.

Using state-of the art technology such as portable GPS devices for navigation, wireless laptops and helmet-cams, the teams must capture a still image, video footage or audio clip on a digital memory stick as proof of their success.

Gurney introduces the teams to their challenges, comments on their progress and is there at the end to confirm who has won and who has not. Completion of the challenge in the fastest time isn’t enough. The winners and losers will be determined when they return to the Gurney’s laptop and the contents of the memory stick is revealed.

Fascinating facts about New Zealand’s flora and fauna, birds, history, geology and geography are woven throughout the show. The Go Xtreme challenge allowed the children involved to explore the New Zealand wilderness and have experiences not normally possible in their everyday life.

To top it off, not only do the winners of Go Xtreme bask in the glory and honour of victory, they also receive a pack of outdoor equipment.

Don’t miss the action of What Now’s Go Xtreme challenge, today at 8am on TV2.

Fresh from their summer holidays, Charlie, Serena, Tu and Camilla the Gorilla are back – and can’t wait to bring TV2 viewers the 27th year of the Kiwi institution that is What Now, every Sunday morning.

This year What Now promises more games, more fun, more mess and many more prizes. It’s all about connecting with kids and getting involved – be it on the phone, online or by post.

The team have made a number of changes to keep the show as fresh and exciting as ever. The brand new ‘Game Zone’ will be unveiled. It’s designed to be an early morning adrenaline shot to get kids moving. Players will first pitch themselves against ‘Shape ‘n’ Shift’ to see if they can shape up and make it through a cut out figure before getting swept into the pool; while best friends will test their friendship and their knowledge of each other in Foam-A-Friend. The final hurdle is the Super Circuit – a fast paced, high flying obstacle course, for those brave souls with a head for heights.

There are new studio games to play as well including Flushed Away, where callers team up with a studio partner in a live battle-it-out phone quiz, the losing team mate gets flushed down the toilet! Pick up the phone to spot the hidden celebrity, win a prize and deliver a wedgie or identify the sped up songs performed by ‘Charlie and the Chipmunks’. Each Sunday four lucky winners will be randomly selected on the phone and online to win goodies.

That’s not the only opportunity to win prizes; What Now has more competitions that you can poke a stick at. The winning family of the Ultimate Experience competition will fly in to the show’s studios in Christchurch as VIPs for a weekend of behind-the-scenes fun, dinner with the presenters, watching the show and of course – getting gunged!

Also kicking off this term is the wacky Design-A-Saurus competition, viewers can design their own dinosaur in a bid to take home a life-size model – that will give the neighbours something to talk about! Charlie says; “this year we are giving you even MORE chances to win even COOLER prizes. It’ll be insane!”

This year Spyrider is bigger and better than ever before. Roving presenter Tumehe will travel the countryside to find some really spectacular places in New Zealand – follow him as he visits an off shore oil rig, Aoraki, the Abel Tasman and White Island to name a few. Tu will also be surprising more kids, making wake up calls and playing pranks on teachers in town and communities all over the country.

Tu is looking forward to jumping in the Spyrider and getting started, saying; “I can’t wait to play our crazy, adventurous new games. They will boggle your brain so you’ll never be the same!”

This week the focus is on National Children’s Day. Tu will be in Rawene meeting the locals and catching the ferry. There is the new cartoon ‘Class Of 3000’ to watch and as always the ‘Teleops’ will be standing by to answer the phone lines and make sure more viewers get a chance to take part in the show.

What Now is back with a bang, so join the team for two whole hours of LIVE TV every Sunday morning from 8.00am on TV2.

Sundays, 8.00 – 10.00am on TV2

New character Red the Mailbot joins the What Now team in Feb 08.

What Now?
Sunday 18 November, 8.00am

This Sunday brings What Now’s final show of the year, and what a year it has been!

The What Now team have a Families Commission ‘Family Day Out’ show, with five families from Christchurch and Wellington competing for some amazing prizes and the glory winning the title of top family. “We love the Family Shows, its great fun seeing families from all walks of life work together as a team, and they have so much fun”, says presenter Charlie Panapa.
The show also presents the winning makeover from the ‘Family Space At Your Place’ competition, and what a transformation it is! This brings to close a fun-filled What Now for 2007… But the team have experienced a lot in the past year so can’t wait to start planning for 2008.

This year, What Now took 24 lucky kids from Ascot Community School, Invercargill, to Dreamworld in Brisbane, after the creative class made a prize-winning poster. It was a trip the whole team will never forget. Speaking of unforgettable, another highlight of the year happened in Waikato, where over 5,000 people turned up to the Hamilton Gardens to join in with the Guiness World Record Attempt – it was amazing to see that many people all doing the locomotion dance together on live TV.

What Now also had to say a big farewell to their much-loved presenter Tamati Coffey after four years of travelling around the country with Spyrider, bringing What Now out of the studio and into New Zealand communities. But this goodbye was followed by a warm welcome for the hilarious new Spyrider presenter, Tumehe Rongonui, who we’ve discovered is good enough to fill Tamati’s boots! Tumehe will continue his travels next year meeting lots of fun Kiwis from Balclutha to Waiheke Island.

Charlie, Serena and Richie are proud that there have been so many great competitions, amazing prizes and fantastic gunges throughout the year… such a lot of excitement that the team have decided to count it all up!

So in 2007: 66,116 kids entered to win What Now’s ‘Ultimate Freebie’ of the week and 17,654kms have been travelled in the Spyrider, visiting 86 small towns and only running out of petrol once. 6,300 children entered the monthly Star Greet and got to meet a famous person, 1,011 children designed a circus toy, 240 Goodie Bags were given away live on the show, 187 kids have been gunged, 30 kids have had a Birthday Bust in. Plus, 3 Pianos, 2 cars, 22 televisions, a carton of Brussel Sprouts and 363 broken toys have been destroyed in Crunch, Drop, Blast!

It’s been big and 2008 will be bigger. The House of Pain is getting a revamp, it will be all-new with more mess, and the interaction on the phones will bring the Ferocious Food Run and a cool ‘play-from-home’ telephone game so viewers can be involved in all the action. And as they have been doing every year, What Now will offer an incredible chance-of-a-lifetime trip out of New Zealand… this time taking two Kiwi families – with the presenters and the cameras – to Disneyland!

Say farewell to What Now this week, and start getting excited for next year as NZ’s best-loved kids show enters it’s 27th year.
Sunday 18 November, 8.00-10.00am on TV2.

What Now needs your help to choose a new presenter!
For the first time ever, people are being invited to vote for their favorite to “Fill Tamati’s Boots”.
Eight people have been selected, but only one will join the What Now team.

Click here to see the competition and vote!

This week on TV2
What Now says goodbye to Tamati and hello to a new star.

After four years of appearing on the long-running TV2 children’s favourite show, What Now, Tamati Coffey will leave the show at the beginning of September. Tamati says: “I’ve had an awesome time on What Now, travelling all over Aotearoa and meeting some really cool kids, spreading mess and fun along the way! It’s been my dream come true to work on What Now, making so many people laugh… but despite the great show and the fun team, I’ve always been after a challenge and this new opportunity is huge for me.”

Tamati, 27, is joining Breakfast, TVNZ’s early morning News and Current Affairs programme, as roving reporter and weather presenter. He joins Paul Henry, newly-appointed co-host Pippa Wetzell, and newsreader Peter Williams as the daily faces of the new-look Breakfast.

Tamati completed an honours degree in Political Studies at the University of Auckland and had no previous television experience when he joined What Now in February 2004. He has packed in plenty of adventure – including jumping from a helicopter, skydiving with Santa Claus, abseiling down waterfalls, bungee jumping off the sky tower whilst brushing his teeth, and taking mid-winter dips in bright red Speedo’s. He’s presented the Spyrider segment on the show from around the country – from Murupara to Moeraki, The Chatham Islands to Stewart Island, and from Kaikoura to the Cape.

Former What Now host and now creative producer, Jason Gunn, says; “Tamati is a remarkable presenter, every week he’s in a small town making stars out of the locals – it’s sad to see him leave, but great to see that the network has big plans for his future!”

TVNZ Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery, says Tamati is one of the most exciting young personalities on New Zealand television. “Tamati will bring his own brand of TV magic, and a huge fan base of kids and parents, to Breakfast. His humour, intelligence and strength as a live performer are a great addition to the team.”

What Now is launching a nationwide talent search to ‘Fill Tamati’s Boots’, for the first time offering kids the chance to have a say in who becomes the new presenter. “We’re looking for someone who has a real connection with our audience and can continue the What Now history of telling great stories,” says Executive Producer, Janine Morell. Over the coming weeks, 10 hopefuls will first have the task of impressing the kids to be in the running. The audience will then vote to whittle this down to a final three, who’ll be put through their paces by Jason Gunn. “A lot of people say they want to be on TV, well here’s your opportunity,” says Jason. “I think presenting on New Zealand’s greatest and longest running children’s TV show is the chance of a lifetime. We are looking for someone who will give it their all!”

Would-be presenters are asked to record a short three-minute audition showing off their presenting skills in three different ways: 1) Interviewing children; 2) Playing a game; 3) Explaining how something works. To enter the competition, send in an audition on a VHS, DVD or mini DV tape to: ‘Fill Tamati’s Boots’ at Whitebait TV, 18b Birmingham Drive, Addington, Christchurch by midnight on Thursday, August 16.

Tamati makes his last appearance on What Now on Sunday September 9.

Pippa Wetzell and Paul Henry will be joined by a new roving reporter and weather presenter, Tamati Coffey, formerly a What Now presenter, later this month. Peter Williams will continue to present the news segments of the show.

Tamati Coffey has been appointed to Breakfast, TVNZ’s early morning News and Current Affairs programme. Tamati leaves What Now to join the Breakfast team as roving reporter and weather presenter.

TVNZ Head of News and Current Affairs Anthony Flannery said Tamati is one of the most exciting young personalities on New Zealand television.

“Tamati will bring his own brand of TV magic, and a huge fan base of kids and parents, to Breakfast. His humour, intelligence and strength as a live performer are a great addition to the team.”

Tamati completed an honours degree in Political Studies at the University of Auckland before becoming one of the presenters on iconic kid’s show What Now. Tamati will begin his new role with Breakfast later this month.

He joins Paul Henry, newly-appointed co-host Pippa Wetzell and newsreader Peter Williams as the daily faces of the new-look Breakfast.