What To Eat Now

FOOD TELEVISION – Thursdays from 16 February, 7.30pm

Chef and passionate foodie Valentine Warner returns in a definitive guide to seasonal cooking and eating and this time he’s set his greedy sights on the culinary delights of summer. Val discovers the very best of summer’s ingredients, highlighting the food that should be eaten now, how it grows, where to buy it and how to cook it. Each episode includes a must-have summer recipe with suggestions on the perfect way to cook everything from broad beans to asparagus, cherries to apricots, trout and mullet. Tune in for quick, easy, irresistible dishes that will fill kitchens and homes with the glorious flavours and aromas of summer.

FOOD TELEVISION – Tuesdays from 10 May, 7.30pm

Join chef and culinary explorer Valentine Warner as he embarks on a mouth-watering, content-rich and beautifully filmed journey through the very best of autumn food.

Each episode follows the growth of the autumnal ingredients and Valentine shows how best to cook produce that can be bought this time of the year. Natural history filming techniques capture the life cycles of seasonal foods from rabbits and snipe to mackerel and lobsters, and pumpkins and carrots to apples and pears, explaining not just how they grow but also how their individual flavours and textures develop. And then, just when they’re perfect for eating, Valentine brings back each ingredient from the river, sea, woodland and field and launches it into ovens, pans and barbecues.