Whatever Happened To…?

So, Outrageous Fortune returned to it’s normal slot from 9.30 – 10.30pm on Tuesday nights. Cool, no problem.

TVNZ decided to go against this by putting Sensing Murder from 8.30 – 10pm. That’s putting on the pressure, but I can DVD one show (S.S) and tape the other so that’s all good.

But then TVNZ goes and puts Paul’s new show, Whatever Happened To…? on at 8.30 – 9.30! What were they thinking, putting this show up against the award-winning Sensing Murder? Surely Paul will do better on a Wednesday?

There’s just no winning with this! :@
//rant over

Whatever Happened To…?
Tuesday 11 September, 8.30pm

Where are they now? The newsmakers, the superstars and survivors, the celebrities and the accidentally famous. They were household names then, but what are they doing now? ‘Whatever Happened To…?’, with Paul Holmes, is a studio entertainment show that tracks down these people and looks back with warmth and humour on the events and people that shaped New Zealand’s present by being so shocking, so outrageous and so influential in the past (tonight at 8.30pm on TV ONE).

Holmes says it’s a very New Zealand show full of New Zealand events: “It’s about the New Zealand experience, it’s got heart, it’s got soul and it’s got some nice laughter.”
“Where are the girls who swooned at the appearance of the Bay City Rollers or David Cassidy when they visited us on their world tours? What did they go through to be close to their favourite international stars? Who was that person, where are they now?”

Using a blend of archival footage and studio interviews, the show will be an engaging mix of interviews and stories about entertainers and their fans; news events that stopped the country; international events that shaped the world; the TV stars and shows that obsessed Kiwis; sporting moments; and some surprise reunions.

A new format for Holmes, he explains he is feeling his way through it. “It’s an entertainment show so it’s not what I am used to. I’ve never been able to be this free on television before. It will be just the thing for a cold Tuesday night.”

And in true Holmes fashion he says the audience will think he is hilarious: “I tell them they have to – shameless still.”

With a key focus on local events and personalities, ‘Whatever Happened To…?’ will also look at international events and stars.

Those who can claim a “once-in-a-lifetime meeting with a big star”, or were screaming from the front row of a significant cultural event in our nation’s history, will be the stars of TVNZ’s latest light-entertainment offering.

The show, Whatever happened to … ?, hits screens on September 11.

In the early 2000s, New Zealand breakfast radio host and television current affairs personality Paul Holmes travelled the country hawking his self-titled album featuring covers of middle of the road classics, including Wichita Lineman and Where Do You Go To, My Lovely?

Where is he now?

Well, after a stint on Prime Television, the broadcasting legend has returned to TVNZ to host the show, and claims it will be “just the thing for a cold Tuesday night”.

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While reducing its commitment to business television, TVNZ is pumping $1.2 million of uncontestable charter funding into the new Paul Holmes chat show.

The new light entertainment show for TV One features Paul Holmes in a ” where are they now” format.

MediaWorks chief executive Brent Impey says the charter grant to the Holmes show – which is being made by Dutch production company Touchdown EyeWorks – proved that the charter was “a farce”.

TVNZ spokeswoman Megan Richards confirmed the Holmes show would not be expensive to make but met charter requirements because it was a show that neither TV3 nor Prime would make.

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A ad for the new tv show “Were You There?” played minutes ago, and the guy voicing the ad, asking if you were in the images onscreen was Paul Holmes!

Paul must be the host of this new show, who is currently looking for people who met the big entertainment stars of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

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Note: turns out the show is called ‘Whatever Happened To…? ‘.