Wheel Of Fortune

Prison Break actor to reprise role

Former Prison Break actor Robert Knepper looks set to reprise his role as T-Bag on new drama series Breakout Kings next year. The actor said: “T-Bag will live again. What I realised by saying yes to that is now they’ll entertain the possibility of a T-Bag spinoff. Like a Hannibal Lecter-type series. Or a doll line. It’d be big with the kids!”

WOF contestant solves puzzle with one letter

A Wheel of Fortune contestant in the US has solved an entire puzzle by filling only one letter of the seven-word phrase. With $900 on the wheel, the contestant selected “L” and still managed to guess correctly the phrase: “I’ve got a good feeling about this.”

Vardalos to join Cougar Town?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding actress Nia Vardalos is a possibility to join Cougar Town in the show’s second season. Writers for the series have begun penning possible storylines for the actress who is married to Cougar Town actor Ian Gomez.

Wilde to return to House

Olivia Wilde has promised a return to House later in the show’s current season. There were questions as to whether the actress would return to the series after she departed to film a couple of movies, but Wilde says she is “coming back to House. This season, as a matter of fact. It is a done deal.”

Fair Go presenter Kevin Milne is battling a benign brain tumour and has taken sick leave.  He may need surgery to protect his eyesight and brain.

Dane Moeke’s winning performance on Maori Television’s Homai Te Pakipaki last month, singing Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” has been watched on YouTube more than 7000 times.

Shortland Street‘s Michael Galvin (Doctor Chris Warner) is on stage for the first time in more than a decade in his self-penned black comedy play Station to Station.  Galvin has taken a few weeks off Shortland Street for the play. The play also stars Outrageous Fortune‘s Antonia Prebble (Loretta West).

Gordon Ramsey‘s profits have dropped by 87% and has narrowly avoided bankruptcy.  However, he still earned nearly $30 million from TV, live shows and books.

Scribe has pitched a TV show with two networks said to be interested.

Hugh Sundae
aka Hugh Hughes is rumoured to be presenting on 20/20

Deborah Hill Cone rips apart Aussie show Packed to the Rafters – she criticises the “comfort viewing” show for its “wholesome ordinary people”.  She says it’s a “bog-standard drama about a bland baby-boomer couple”, “deeply pedestrian”, “not even very realistic” and “not twisted enough”. 

America’s Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker wanted $25,000 to appear on Telethon – even though it is a charity event. 

Confirmed for the Telethon are:

Martin Henderson
Ada Nicodemou (Leah on Home and Away)
Bernard Curry (Hugo on Home and away)
Carly Flynn
Miriama Smith
Will Hall (Kip on Shortland Street)

Celebrities have recorded a new version of the Telethon anthem “Thank you very much for your kind donation” – with OpShop’s Jason Kerrison and Donald Reid behind the music. 

The spelling of the word “orthopaedic” has come into question after the finale of Wheel of Fortune.  The show said there was no “a” in the word, despite being the spelling that medical professionals use or British spelling conventions.  Americans do not have the “a” in it.  The show’s makers say the spelling was not wrong and didn’t affect the outcome of the show. 

Stars in their Eyes winner Mandy Pickering (32) says she wanted to do things out of her comfort zone this year. 

“I never thoughts for a second I’d get to the final, let alone win it.  I wasn’t even 100% sure I could sing.  I hadn’t really sung in public before as an adult.”

Pickering and her husband and sons are off to live in Tonga for three weeks to live the simple life. 

Amber Peebles shares a week in her social diary which includes boxing classes, interviewing Early Birds, shooting MTV News and travelling to Sydney to film for four days. 

Laura and Hosanna from New Zealand’s Next Top Model were on the catwalk for Trelise Cooper. 

Paul Holmes comments on the John Campbell medal thief interview and believes that Campbell never met the thief, but was handed a recorded interview via lawyers and filmed him asking the questions but doesn’t want to admit he doesn’t know the name of the thief as it would harm his reputation as a journalist. 

The media continues its obsession with celebrity tweets and prints tweets from TV personalities such as John Campbell, Carol Hirshfeld, James Coleman, Susan Wood, Clarke Gayford and Mike Hosking.  Speaking of Mike, Spy asks if he’s being hypocritical for talking about what his daughters are up to on Twitter after taking New Idea to court over paparazzi photos of his twins in 2003. 

Back Benches host Wallace Chapman (40) is interviewed in Sunday magazine.  Writer Rose Hoare is full of compliments for him: “incredibly generous with his praise” and “so enthusiastic”.  His father was a Fijian Methodist Minister, he wrote ads at bFM for five years, hosted breakfast at bFM for a year, does afternoons at Kiwi FM and is on Good Morning’s political panel.  Chapman had Gaucher’s Disease – a deficiency in an enzyme which breaks down fat that can collect in organs and bones.  He spent five years using a walking stick in pain until treatment became available.  His mobility is still limited and he can’t walk long distances, can’t travel for long periods or live overseas for lack of access to medicine.  He has fortnightly transfusions. 

There’s an article on just how bad TV is for your health –  from obesity, violence, eating disorders, higher cholesterol, unfitness, attention deficit disorders and lower academic performance.  The article says an average 6 year old in New Zealand has already spent more than one full year watching TV.  Is that right?  They watch an average of 4 hours a day?  The writer, Olive James says public health officials should be mounting a public-health campaign to persuade us to watch less TV. 

Who is advertising?

Packed to the Rafters (TV ONE)
Rocked the Nation’s 100 New Zealand Pop Culture Stories (C4)
Skins (C4)

Monday 18 May, 5.30pm

Co-host Sonia Gray returns to Wheel Of Fortune this week after taking maternity leave.

If you’re looking for TV-related articles this week, your best bet is Woman’s Day:

Sonia Gray shares photos with her six week old twin girls Thandie and Inez with WD.  Sonia suffered from pre-eclampsia and was induced in labour, six weeks before their due date.  The twins are both doing well after spending some time in the neonatal intensive care unit.  Sonia’s back on Wheel of Fortune from next week. 

New Zealand’s Next Top Model sisters Lucy and Olivia Murphy talk to WD about their experience on the show.  Lucy says what people saw on TV was so different to what it was really like for them – that the show made it looked like she cried all the time and were ultra-competitive with each other when they’re not really. 

LeAnn Yare from Trading Houses says the biggest challenge on the show were the husbands who had strong ideas about decorating.

Stars in their Eyes contestant Lisa Crawley tells WD more about the tragic death of her boyfriend Rich Morris to cancer.

Health Gossip

Stephanie Tauevihi (Donna, Shortland Street) tells NZWW she took her first smear test in 15 years after reading of Jade Goody’s death.  She had an abnormal result and is going back for another test in six months.  Stephanie is now on a mission to encourage all women to get tested before it’s too late.

Kirsty Alley’s massive weight gain fills pages in all mags.  She appeared on Oprah and says she’s keen to shed the extra kilos, now that she’s up to 105kg.

Charlie’s Angels star Farrah Fawcell is facing her final days as cancer has spread through her body.

David Hasselhoff was rushed to hospital after passing out from alcohol poisoning. for the seventh time.

Kelly Osbourne’s latest stint in rehab is discussed in NI.

Paula Abdul admits she went to rehab in November for a painkiller addiction.

Babies Gossip

Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate mum for her twins is 26 year old Michelle Ross.

Rebecca Romijn (Ugly Betty) is photographed out and about with her five month old twins Charlie and Dolly.

Calista Flockhart is to adopt a little girl.

Legal Gossip

Tyra Banks‘ stalker has escaped a prison sentence.

Kiefer Sutherland allegedly head butted Jack McCollough at the Met Ball in New York.

Random Gossip

Brendan Cole says he was bullied for loving dancing as a kid and was called “Twinkle Toes”.  

Susan Boyle
has increased speculation that her success on Britain’s Got Talent was rigged when she said in an interview “the show found me”. 

A pregnant Heidi Klum did a strip tease on Ellen to raise money for charity.

Jennifer Love Hewitt says “I always take my bubbles baths wearing a tiara… I got from Disneyland.”

There’s a new documentary on Fawlty Towers, the cast got together to promote it but deny doing another season.


Marc Ellis tells NI his favourite TV show he’s done was Sportcafe, followed by Rocky Road. 

Rhys Darby talks about his comedy festival gig in Auckland, May 19-23.

Rebecca, Chris and Katrina Hobbs talk to NZWW about their family ties and their shared love of acting from a young age.


Kirsten Johnston (Third Rock from the Sun) is photographed wearing an outfit by Project Runway winner Christian Siriano.

There’s a pic of Rebecca Gibney at last week’s Logies – she won the top honor for her role in Packed to the Rafters.

TVNZ has decided not to renew its option on the TV ONE show Wheel of Fortune.

The daily 5.30 show will now finish up mid year, and will be replaced by MasterChef.

TVNZ’s General Manager of Commissioning, Andrew Shaw, said Wheel of Fortune was a very popular and well-made show, but like all local programming it was expensive to make and the impact of the recession meant it was not achieving an adequate return from advertising.

He said despite the best efforts of the producers to cut the cost of production, this had not been successful and TVNZ had made the decision to divert its resources into protecting its peak-time programming.

Andrew Shaw said that the production contract for Wheel of Fortune had contained an option to decide at this point whether to continue or not, since it was known that the trading environment was likely to be difficult.

“It’s a great show, and in other circumstances we would have been happy to continue,” he said. “This is simply a reflection of the times.”

Greer Robson (Wheel of Fortune) talks about motherhood in today’s Sunday Star Times:

“…not having a clue what I was doing.  Then I became a mother of two and was trying to figure out how on earth I was meant to prioritise between two crying babies.  There aren’t a lot of backstops for me if illness strikes my family or any other unplanned dilemma that life can throw your way.

My negative feelings tend to occur more often at the end of a long day when I am exhausted and naturally less resilient, so I feel unresourced to deal with the ‘challenges’ my pre-schoolers – who are also tired by this time – decide to throw my way.

I try to not let my husband and children come second to anything else in my life as, without them, none of the other aspiration in my life would feel worthwhile.  Sometimes I think women can start to put 100% of their energies into their children and the whole reason we had for starting a family – ie, we met the love of our lives – gets forgotten.  In my view it’s important to nurture the primary relationship between a husband and wife equally alongside the relationship with the children to keep your family unit tight.  I believe this creates a lot of positive effects that flow on to your children to make them feel happy and secure.”

Is it just me, or does the board on Wheel Of Fortune look really grotty, especailly the bottom?

Monday 6 April, 5.30pm

Wheel Of Fortune is back for another great year of puzzles, cash giveaways and prizes. Home viewers can join the Wheel Watchers Club where they can win up to $1000 cash every day, just by watching the show. A lucky Wheel Watcher will also win a P&O Cruise just by registering.

Wheel Of Fortune hosts Jason Gunn and Sonia Gray will be back to play with three contestants every day, giving away more than a million dollars in cash, plus fabulous cars, electronics, kitchenware, holidays, jewellery, and other great prizes. There are also two home viewer puzzles (renamed Speed Digits) to play on the show each day, as well as new puzzle categories, Free Spin discs. It’s going to be a fantastic year for the world’s most popular game show, Wheel Of Fortune.

Monday 6 April, 5.30pm on TV One

Wheel Of Fortune is back weekday nights at 5.30pm for a new season of puzzles, cash giveaways and prizes, and a new face on the show.

Jason Gunn hosts the show where everyday Kiwis solve word puzzles for the chance to win prizes and cash, and viewers at home can also play along and text in to win.

This year, viewers can join the Wheel Watchers Club, where they can win up to $1000 cash every day, just by watching the show. One lucky Wheel Watcher will also win a P&O Cruise just by registering.

There are also two viewer puzzles (renamed Speed Digits) to play on the show each day, as well as new puzzle categories, Free Spin discs.

Actor Greer Robson-Kirk will join Jason Gunn as co-host while regular co-host Sonia Gray is away having her twins.

“I’m very excited about this opportunity,” says Greer. “I’m looking forward to the chance to get all glammed up, and I’m thrilled to get the chance to work with Jason Gunn.”

Sonia promises viewers she will be back: “Yes, you’ll see me back on Wheel Of Fortune! The recording schedule will allow me to juggle both the show and the twins – I have lots of support from my partner and my mum, and once I am back, the babies will come along to the TVNZ studios with me, which is fantastic.”

Jason Gunn will be one busy man, juggling his Dancing With The Stars and Wheel Of Fortune hosting duties with his new breakfast radio slot in Christchurch.

“I’ve missed my word puzzles, to be honest,” says Jason. “It’s such a ‘contagious’ show, if I can call it that – I love hosting it, I love the people I meet on the show every day, but I really do love playing those puzzles.”

“And this year I will be dancing a bit of a two-step – the lovely Sonia, then the lovely Greer, and then hello back to the lovely Sonia again. You can’t say I’m not a lucky man to be working with these two lovely co-hosts.”

JJ Feeney, Dominic Harvey and Mike Puru from The Edge Morning Madhouse are going go be on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune today.

If you wish to go along to filming and be in the audience, it starts at 3pm today. 
Fill in a seat request here.