When Hilary Met Oprah

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Monday saw TV3 replace Story with their special interview When Hilary met Oprah. According to Mediaworks, it delivered the best ratings TV3 had had at 7pm since the launch of their new current affairs program in the key demographic. However, their use of cume was questionable.

The interview rated with an average audience of 199,550 viewers. 13 episodes of Story have had larger audiences.

For the rest of the week, Story had an average audience of 164,467 viewers per night, a drop of 2% on the previous week. With Monday included in the current affairs numbers, the average audience for the four nights were up 3% on the previous week to 173,253.

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Yesterday, Mediaworks sent through some data regarding the performance of When Hilary Met Oprah. As soon as I read that they had used cume as their measure, I cringed. Only a couple of months ago I pointed out that using cume as a measure for TV3’s first season of Masterchef New Zealand was a bad idea.

There were a number of problems with the data and rather than provide my own commentary around what Mediaworks had sent me, I decided to publish them wholesale and give you, the readers, a chance to mull over the spin.

Before we get into it, for those who don’t already know, cume is short for cumulative audience, or the total number of people who watch a part of a program. It can be useful for broadcast events like a telethon or the Rugby World Cup, for example, and provides a total number of viewers who tuned in for a part of it. Other than that, it is a vanity measurement. Continue reading »

TV3 screened When Hilary Met Oprah last night in place of Story and were pretty happy with the performance.

A spokesperson for Mediaworks told Throng that almost 400,000 people (5+ cume) tuned in to the programme, achieving the highest ratings and share (in their target demographic of 25-54) at 7pm since the launch week of Story. Continue reading »