Wift Swap

In all-new episodes of WIFE SWAP UK, a beer-swilling, darts playing mum, trades places with a devoted mum who loves nothing more than cleaning her spotless house.

Michele Strickland changes places with Yvonne Rickards. Michele so enjoys going out to the pub that she’s got a job there – she’s out five nights a week, “getting so smashed that [she] can’t remember getting home” and playing league darts.

She’s not an enthusiastic home-maker or mother – in fact, already the mother to 16-year-old Melanie, Michele was “devastated” when she found she was pregnant with the twins Sophie and Stephen.

Most of the housework, shopping, and cooking are left to her partner, Ian – and although he would like her do more, no one can tell Michele what to do, and Ian certainly wouldn’t dare.

Michele changes places with Yvonne, whose life couldn’t be more different. Yvonne is married to Dave and is devoted to her four children. She’s strict, routined and spends her days cleaning her already immaculate home.

How will Yvonne cope in a house where she has to go out – and work in a pub? Will she take to a life devoted to drink and darts, and what changes will she make to the twins’ lives?

WIFE SWAP UK, Friday 16th November at 8.30pm on PRIME