PLAYHOUSE DISNEY- Saturday 9 October, from 10am

Catch all new episodes of your favourite Playhouse Disney shows:

Saturday 9 October – WordWorld

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Monday- Friday from 23 August, 10.30am

The second season of the inventive cartoon for preschooler’s returns featuring spelling lessons built around funny adventures involving animals, buildings and objects created from the letters that spell them.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Monday 19 – Friday 23 April, 10.35am

Practice the alphabet this April with a week of brand new episodes of “WordWorld” each day at 10.35am.

Playhouse Disney – Daily from 7 July, 12.00pm & 5.00pm

Imagine a world of words…Based on a learning method where words are morphed into the objects they represent, “WordWorld” really brings words to life! Ant, Dog, Duck, Pig, Sheep and Frog are words that come alive forming “WordFriends”. A 3-D animated series, “WordWorld” will intrigue preschoolers as they fall in love with words in a fun and interactive environment. The show is designed to introduce children to letters and words and help develop a love of reading from a very young age. Every storyline incorporates at least one skill from each of the following skill sets: print awareness; phonological sensitivity and letter knowledge; comprehension; self-awareness and socio-emotional skills. Parents will love this new series that really brings words to life! “WordFriends” embark on an adventure every episode and the only way to save the day is to…“build a word”. “It’s time to build a word. Let’s build it, let’s build it now!” sing the “WordFriends”. The novelty of the show is when a word is built correctly it morphs into the thing it represents. Kids will love the sense of achievement as they play along with the “WordFriends” and watch words come to life before their very eyes! Parents and kids alike will love this exciting new show, where words are you’re friends and learning is fun!