World’s Strictest Parents

8:30pm Friday, May 25 on Prime

Reality Series

Family and faith are central to everything the Forsyth’s do. They rarely leave their Arkansas home, which includes a giant family camp where they encourage others to enjoy their daily diet of worship, work and wholesome recreational activities. For the next week they’ll take in a very different kind of visitor: two rebellious teenagers, whose bad behaviour has got the better of their own parents. But can a stay with Forsyth’s – and exposure to their very traditional family values – transform the teens into model citizens?

8:30pm Friday, May 18 on Prime

Reality Series

The Rutherford family’s strict rules and regimented lifestyle has raised four well behaved and successful children. The parents aren’t used to dealing with back talk or rebellion – that is until Desiree and Brian come into their home for a week. Self control and discipline are alien principles to these two rebellious teenagers. From the moment they arrive at the family’s Reno ranch, the culture clash results in explosive conflict. The Rutherford parents attempt to force a change, but will the teens’ defiance buckle under the strict regime, or will they end up running for the hills?

7:30pm Wednesday, March 31 on Prime

Reality Series

Tonight we meet strict Tennessee parents Paul and Dana Helton who take in troubled teenagers, Whitney and Stephen. The teens, who are about to spend a week living with their ‘new’ family, are in for a real shock. As soon as they get a taste of Paul and Dana’s zero tolerance approach to parenting, sparks fly and conflict erupts. But when the gruelling week of hard work and discipline is through, will either Stephen or Whitney be changed?

7:30pm Wednesday, September 16 on Prime


Tonight, Josh Breslin, 17 and Charlotte Abrahams, 16, from the UK, experience life for a week in India with the Sharma family. A strict middle class, Hindu family, Dad Sanjeev rules his kids with a rod of iron. Education is all important so the British teens are immediately packed off to school with 15 year old Ankita. Charlotte and school don’t mix, so she bunks off her second lesson, but is soon given a dressing down by the head teacher. Sanjeev is furious; his family name is at stake. Charlotte refuses to go to school while Josh wins a debating contest.

By the end of the week, after a relaxing weekend in the country, Sanjeev breaks through Charlotte’s barrier and Josh realises how privileged he is.

7:30pm Wednesday, September 2 on Prime


Twelve teenagers volunteer to experience life for 2 weeks with different families around the world. They might expect to prove their parents are too strict and need to relax the apron strings, but could quickly come to realise that they’ve had it easy…

Tonight, Naomi Fisher, 16, and Ross Torry, 16, both from the UK, get new parents for a week in Alabama. If they think they’ve got it bad in the UK, wait until they experience the strict regime of the god fearing Garnett family. Our teens immediately flout the rules and Ross is livid when Dad Mark goes through his belongings. It’s the summer holidays but the teens must work in a homeless shelter downtown. They never lift a finger at home so working hard is a big shock.

It is Illegal for teens to smoke in Alabama but that doesn’t stop Naomi asking one of the homeless men for a cigarette. She endures the wrath of Mark when she gets home, and Ross is in trouble for leaving the shelter without permission. But after spending another day at the shelter the teens reflect on their actions, and Mark takes them out for some quality ‘Daddy’ time. The Garnett’s strict but loving regime touches Ross and Naomi and they return home determined to mend their ways.