Worst Cooks In America

FOOD TELEVISION – Thursdays from 26 January, 9.30pm

They are the worst cooks in America! In this devilishly entertaining series master chefs Anne Burrell and Beau Macmillan will try to transform them from kitchen zeros into kitchen heroes in only 10 days. The series will follow the inept recruits over eight adrenalin packed episodes as they face a slew of high-pressure culinary drills and elimination challenges. At stake for the last two standing is the chance to cook for a panel of esteemed culinary critics and win the grand prize of $25,000.

FOOD TELEVISION – Fridays from 8 July, 8pm

One is such a bad cook he struggles to properly boil water. Another’s husband dreads her cuisine so much he makes up excuses to not eat at home. Another’s signature dish is pasta … with pineapple “for crunch”. Master Chefs Anne Burrell and Beau Macmillan try to transform these catastrophic cooks from kitchen zeroes into kitchen heroes in only 10 days.