X Factor

He tells the BBC that he “wouldn’t rule it out

x-factor-uk__130814132342__130829201207Simon Cowell made a surprise appearance at a screening of the first two episodes of The X Factor UK today in London. Of a possible return to the show he departed in 2010, he told the BBC, “I wouldn’t rule it out.”

Cowell has been expected to make special appearances on the upcoming season, but up until now word has been that he wouldn’t make a full-time return.

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I imagine it’s going to be a chart face off between X Factor NZ winner Jackie Thomas’ “It’s Worth It” vs the new single “Best Song Ever” from X Factor UK stars One Direction.

Due to a rain delay in the baseball in the US, the 2 hour episode of The X Factor at the judges homes isn’t airing there until tomorrow.  

TV 3 have now confirmed they will be playing a movie tonight in place of The X Factor – A Night at the Museum.

This will result in the following Timing Changes:

9:45pm     Rove LA    (was 9:30pm)

10:45pm    Nightline    (was 10:30pm)

11:15pm    Cup Talk    (was 11pm)

11:45pm    HSBC Golf Club    (was 11:30pm)

12:15am    Underbelly: The Mr Asia Story ®     (was 12am)

1:15am    Infomercials    (was 1am)