Yin Yang Yo

DISNEY – Weekends from 3 September, 6.25am

Ying and Yang may look like adorable little rabbits, but don’t be fooled. They must temporarily put aside their edgy and hilarious sibling rivalry to defeat the sometimes threatening, but mostly idiotic, forces of evil. In the season 2 premiere, “Smoke and Mirrors”, “Yang” falls for anime girl “Smoke”, who plans to make him fight her brother’s “captured friends” – one of whom is his sister “Yin!” Then follows, “Yin-credible!”, “Yin” gets all the credit for saving the President of their town, and lets it go to her head. So much so, that she thinks she may be able to take out “Carl” single handedly, when she finds out she can’t handle “Carl” on her own – will “Yang” step up and help her out?

DISNEY CHANNEL – Friday 4 December, 4pm

In “Night Fall”, the Night Master kidnaps Master Yo to use Yo’s Woo Foo

powers to blot out the sun and plunge the world into the darkness that powers

and frees him.

DISNEY CHANNEL – every Friday from 6 November, 4pm

In “Attack of the Vidiots” (Nov 6), when Yang acts up in a video game, The Lesson says its game over! Then in “Fit to be Tried” (6 Nov), villains put Yin and Yang on trial and tell their versions of the twins’ exploits.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Fridays from 2 October, 4pm

In “Attack of the Lesson” (Oct 2), a heavy-handed hero beats good behaviour into everyone. Then in “A Case of the Evils” (Oct 2), sure Master Yo is grumpy, crotchety and mean but could he really be….evil??

DISNEY CHANNEL – every Friday in September, 3.30pm

In “Scary Scary Quite Contrary” scary movies are all fun and games until someone loses a limb!

DISNEY CHANNEL – Every Friday from 7 August, 3.30pm

Yin and Yang may look like adorable little rabbits, but don’t be fooled. Both are students of a mystical form of martial arts called Woo Foo and are sister and brother in this hilarious comedy series. In “A Toy’s Story” (7 Aug), Yang thinks Yin’s cute stuffed toy wants

to destroy him, and he’s right! Then in “Old School” (7 Aug), Kraggler tries to steal Yin and Yang’s youth. Will he succeed in his dastardly plan?

DISNEY CHANNEL – premieres every Friday in July from 3 July, 3.30pm

Set in a world of legend and lore, the dynamic action/adventure/comedy series “Yin Yang Yo!” follows the antics of a brother and sister – cute, hyper-kinetic tween rabbits – who must temporarily put aside their sibling rivalry when faced with evil yet idiotic creatures who are intent on destroying the world. To defeat the villains, Yin and Yang train in the mystical martial art of Woo Foo, under the guidance of the only remaining Woo Foo teacher on earth, Master Yo, an irritable old panda forced out of retirement to restore the lost art – if only his two heroes can learn to get along!